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Makassar is one of Indonesian's large cities, and the capitol city of South Sulawesi province. As one of metropolitan city in east Indonesia, Makassar ever become East Indonesia and Sulawesi province capitol city in the past. Ministry of National Development Planning has labeled Makassar as one of economic growing city center. The transportation, facilities and infrastructure have an exhaustive and easy access. In tourism, Makassar have been gifted with many beautiful places to visit, and also famous with culinary tourism.


Makassar is the capitol city of South Sulawesi, located in the south end of Sulawesi Island which once called Ujung Pandang. The location is 119º24'17'38” east, and 5º8'6'19” south. In the north and east border is Maros district, in the south of the city is bordered with Gowa district, and in the west border is Makassar strait. The city area is 175,77-kilometer square. Makassar land slope is between 0-2 degree in the lowland, and 3-15 degree in the highland

Culture and Religion

Makassar citizen majority is muslim, but have many unique cultures in daily and global aspect. Siri' which is translated as shame, honor, and dignity, is one of cultural aspect that highly respected for people in Makassar. Before doing something, Siri' must be the first aspect to look at. Siri' must be fought even with their own life.

Siri'ji nanimmantang attalasa' ri linoa, punna tenamo siri'nu matemako kaniakkangngami angga'na olo-oloka. This is translated as, "only shame that make your live counted, and without it, even an animal is more worthed than yourself".

Makassarese is a fighter, humble, and brave people. This is seen when they fight the VOC in decades. Even when they lose, they're not just stand still, they make a journey to find better life in the new land.


Makassar is a tropical area with tropical monsoon climate type. This is shown by the contrast of rainy and dry season. Rainy season usually at November to March, and the dry season is at March to September. The city air temperature is between 26 to 29 degrees. In rainy season, the rainfall is approximately 2700 to 3200 millimeters.

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